Friday, June 2, 2017

Refresh: Friday Frolics - What is Friday Frolics

Hey, how’s it been going?

Today, thought I would dive a little bit into how that developed into Friday Frolics.

As a publishing house of multiple genres we need to adjust our marketing, promoting based on the target audiences. Some people are uncomfortable with the erotic. Being honest, it’s a tad difficult, uneasy, awkward, and a tad inappropriate for some of our HOTTNESS to show up over where our MG/Tween/Teens/YAs hang out. Which explains our three blogs:

MuseItUp Publishing – our main blog open to every author in our house. Basically, we keep it PG…as much as possible.

MuseItYoung & MuseitYA – our younger audience and all their topics and life experiences for their age. Yes, our HOT authors have occasionally shared their musings on Saturday Morning Musings, but we keep the link closed.

And then there is us: MuseItHOT where our topics and open topic and not quite PG. Truth be told, I’m still a little embarrassed when I ask some questions. Which also makes for great reading and learning for me…helps me learn this genre…and, well, write it. Yes, under a different name, no you don’t know it…I don’t think you do?

Whatever the reason you drop over, we love having you here. Oh, why Friday Frolics for a name?

Friday…end of the “normal” work week. The night for letting loose after a…do I dare…hard week. Sorry, that was a bit much wasn’t it? Which brings us to the word – Frolics…play, romp, frisk, and cavort. You get the picture:

Friday Frolics…a bit of heated fun.

And, please do send me any questions you would like asked of our Musers…onward to our familiar closing:

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
Remember, if you have a question or anything you want us to muse about just drop me a line at
Keep Frolicking

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