Friday, June 16, 2017

Refresh: Friday Frolics - Perfect Length

Yes, my opening lines are

Every story dictates its own length, meaning the story will write as it is required to, we control the story length based on our idea. However, what do you think is the “perfect” story length for our genre? What’s your preference?


My erotic books vary in length depending on how much ground I want to cover. For me, it is what it is. I think generally I lean towards about 100 pages. The Naughty Royals series seems to work at about that length and I’m finding natural breaking points between the interrelated stories.

Personally, I let the characters dictate the length in the end, although I will set a minimum word count so they know from the get go what the goal is. Also, I split my chapters into three sections, each section should be as close to 1,000 words as possible, with the chapter being at least 3,000. Now a few of my sections may be more than 1K and a few may be smaller, as long as the chapter is 3K I’m happy.

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