Friday, December 9, 2016

Friday Frolics: Advice for us new HOT authors

Hello, Friday!

Is it just me or did today sneak up fast? Sure, I'm actually typing this Thursday evening, but I have no clue where this week went. I know I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped. You?

However, still have all of Friday and then the weekend to have fun and see if I want to accomplish anything else.

For today's Frolics I've asked for some advice, for me as a newbie HOT author...oh don't go looking for this name, I'm using something else...and for any other newbies out there:

What have you learned about writing erotic and would pass on to new writers of this genre...

That good erotica is hard to write. If you are after money, write short and dirty, but if you want to write good erotica, it's no easier than any other genre.

In the last five years, I've come a long way from the halting writing of a newbie who hadn't written anything seriously for over 20 years. I think the biggest things I've learned writing erotica are to make sure there's lots of emotion in the writing, make sure the reader is experiencing the story instead of being told the story, and watch out for those pesky repeated words. Beyond the technical aspects, don't worry about getting edits done while you write. Get the story down first, then edit. Above all, have fun! You're sharing a story. Relish the storytelling!

Thanks, Gents.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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