Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Frolics: How do you market?

Happy Friday.

I'm not going to pretend I put this together on time and the schedule just got mixed up, we all know that's not the case. I fell behind due to family needs, but here we are back in the groove.

So, what was the topic for this Friday?

How do you market your only, publicly?

Let's see what our Musers have to offer:

Essentially, I market my erotica through writing guest posts for blogs followed by a cover and an excerpt with a buy link. In select places around town - meaning where I find such places - I'll leave bookmarks for my writing. When first published, I host a Facebook party with prizes and excerpts from the writing. Sometimes when a writer friend is hosting an event, then I'll donate a giveaway copy of my writing - the pre-publicity for an event often contains the cover of the writing with the author name, so that is marketing of a type. Perhaps not strictly marketing, but I also look for review site possibilities, though those seem difficult to come by, especially for older writings. Someday I would like to appear on radio or podcasts speaking about my erotica/erotic romance writings, I order to reach a larger audience at one time. And, that's about it, I guess.

My main marketing comes through Twitter (@brentarcherwrit) and guest blog posts. I haven't gotten the hang of Facebook yet, not really liking the platform, but I suspect I need to get with it and keep my account updated. I also have a website ( featuring the books I've written with the current or upcoming book featured prominently on the front. I have plans also to start a blog and a newsletter. The important thing in marketing for my stories is to make sure I have the cover art, and there's a handsome, strapping guy on the front of the book beckoning the readers to come inside!

Because I'm still in the pre-published stage, I'm writing personal blog posts on the characters, who they are and why they do what they do. I then do the normal of Twitter, Google+, Facebook and its groups. Plus working hand-in-hand with my publisher. Someone once said it takes multiple views before anyone actually sees and becomes interested in a product.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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