Wednesday, November 30, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: Dare to…play strip poker

Her:  You’re cheating.

Him:  Well, so are you.

Her:  Yeah, but you’re bad at it.

Him:  How?

Her:  You’re still dressed.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Mistress Musella: would you…visit a swingers’ club

Watch your lover with another? Be with them, too? Is the concept enough?

Are you prepared for the consequences – emotional ones? The rules involved – have your own?

An idea that excites does not need to be acted upon. Sometimes, the mental image is all that’s required.

If you do visit…enjoy.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday Frolics: Titles

Happy Friday!

To our Musers in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving and your annual Black Friday shopping (feel free to visit us).

Today we're actually talking titles, hope you join us.

Giving my stories a title is the bane of my writing. Once in a rare while, the title comes before I even start the story, but most of the time, I have to wrack my brains to come up with something. Striking the balance between sensually eye-catching and relevant to the story without being campy and hokey, or a total cliché, can sometimes take longer that writing the story! I'm still trying to figure out a good title for my current work in progress I've nicknamed “The Cop Story”. The best I could come up with was “An Early Morning Surprise”, but every time I look at this title, I cringe. It worked when the story was short an only about the first couple chapters. Once the story unfolded and the characters demanded more than a short story, the initial title wasn't relevant and sounded ridiculous. I'm sure the title will come to me eventually, but the characters rather rudely finished telling their story and evaporated back into the ether without naming their romantic adventure.

I've heard some authors need a title before they can write/finish their story. I tend to find the title after the story is completed. Bonnie and Boris' title had to be simple and set for the collection of short seasonal stories. A quick glance to their intent. When I'm looking at titles, I don't like cheesy ones. You know the ones that try too cute, too groinish. Those tend to be more wham bam thank'em, which is fine, but I also like more story than scene after scene, even if mine may seem that way, my hope is I have enough story and story background to fill in the blank spots for my readers.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: listening in on the neighbours

Him:  What the hell is he hammering at this time of the night?

Her:  Her.

Him:  How come you don’t scream like that?

Her:  She’s faking.

Him:  How do you know?

Her:  He’s stopped hammering.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mistress Musella: handing over control…buzzers ready

Are you a control freak? Someone who must always be in command, in charge? Don’t you ever surrender?

What are you afraid of? Frighten to hand yourself over to someone else. To give in. Let yourself go.

Have you ever tried?

Hand the controls over. Let someone else drive for a bit. Settle into anticipation’s kiss.

Life is about not knowing what’s coming and going with what’s thrown at you. Go ahead and hand the buzzer over to your lover and wait. Know that at this moment in time what’s coming is less scary than tomorrow’s reality.

Now’s the surest you’ll ever be.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Frolics: Protection or not?

Happy Friday.

Still playing catch-up for November, but as always hoping you're keeping well.

Looking at a serious topic this week, safe sex. We all know the diseases that can be transmitted and we do our best to teach our teens and young adults. But, I don't know about you, there are times I just want to escape and not worry about the safety factors or the logic of anything, especially in my entertainment.

The adult movie entertainment industry argues about the use of protection. I've heard claims of routine testing, but is that enough?

What about our stories? Should our characters use protection? Should we write about it?

I've mentioned it, but have not gone out of my writing way to describe it. Stopping to think about it, I guess I wanted to ignore it and go forward to the fun and lightheartedness of the subject genre. Although, a story idea is forming.

Wellll, none of my characters practice safe sex. I mean, I don't see this as a requirement unless there's some sort of underlying message involved. (I did see a Call for Submissions once where one of the main requirements was for all characters to practice safe sex.) In real life, many people do not, thus I do not feel the need to make it a requirement for my characters to do so. I mean, this is fiction. People, most people - hopefully - realize that in real life safe sex can be, well, safer. They shouldn't allow themselves to be influenced by fictional characters. I hope my response was as clear as mud.

Safe sex in my writing definitely depends on both the period the story is set in, and whether the publisher requires it. If my characters are in a situation where the sex makes sense but they forgot or don't have access to a condom, I make sure they have the conversation about risk and prior partners. Most of my contemporary stories feature protection. The exception is when the relationship had moved into a monogamous phase, and it makes sense for the guys not to need the protection.

Some publishers require stories set after 1985 to feature protection. It is an important message to convey and reinforce to the readers enjoying the sex scenes. I read a story recently where the writer used the condom to help make the character last longer citing less stimulation. It worked well for the storyline, and it promoted safe sex. While I don't think an inflexible rule to require condoms in all novels is necessary, promoting safe and responsible sex in erotica is important.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Mistress Musella: After the office hours

You can picture the scene, the bustle and mayhem of phones ringing and keyboards clicking. Time running away from everyone as deadlines loom. The clock strikes five and the mass exodus moves faster than any high schooler ever did.

Except for…you and _________.

You’ve left the office and need to unwind before facing home. The transition from assistant to decision-maker. Or is that from boss to worker?

Ever feel your weakest after office hours? The temptation to give in. Give yourself over to something not of either world? Can you accept the consequences?

After the office hours may sound like a new playground, but don’t be spoiled into thinking it’s worth the ride.