Monday, October 3, 2016

Mistress Musella: Do not be afraid of the lights

Are you one who insists on having the lights off during sex? Why? You are about to engage in one of the most intimate moments between someone you love and you don’t want to see them?

Don’t want them to see you?

They see you every day – one night stands excluded, of course – and know what you look like. Have seen you at your worse and best. You’ve seen them. One of you may have even washed the other’s underwear.

You’re embarrassed?

Seeing what you’re feeling is too much – too real – for you? Takes away the fantasy? Looks funny. Looks too…non-perfect.

Stop looking at balding heads and sweating skin and watch what your lover is doing to you. The strokes, the licks, the command over your body. Look into their eyes and connect over your shared heat the way you have over candlelit dinners.

Watch your lover give into your control of their body.

Turn the lights and yourself…on.

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