Monday, October 24, 2016

Mistress Musella: Asking the tough questions

I’m glad I’m taken. Free from the reality of today’s single life. Not part of the multiple partners and adventurers.


Why? A studier of human nature does not mean a full on participator.

However, should that ever change, there are questions to be asked. Tough and possibly awkward questions.

Health questions. Partner questions and not just numbers.

Life changes. And where the generation before worried over reputation, curable diseases, and pregnancies. Today’s world takes on life and death. Though, thankfully long lives are possible.

We are also faced with the changing – for the better – views on just who we share ourselves with. The emotions are still there, the fear of not being enough. Of, why her, or him, and not me.

Today’s world needs us present asking and speaking the tough and awkward.

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