Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Frolics: Perfect bodies…perfect characters?

Happy Friday!

Everyone ready for some fun? Something to heat up the Fall weather? Not the most perfect openings, but it does bring us into today's frolics:

Do your characters have to have perfect bodies? Society's current desire for boobs, butts, male endowment

For me, each person’s body is perfect just the way it is. I try not to play into societal norms. If you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Coming from a family full of females, we come in all shapes and sizes. With that said, our butts and breasts are rather large. Many have had reduction surgery (for the sake of our backs). As for backsides? Just more cushion for the pushing. lol No seriously, we leave our bodies alone. It’s the way we were made. I try to avoid using what is currently the norm, mostly because I don’t think I could write like that. It’s not my world. What I’m used to. Society’s expectation is strange in my reality. So no, my characters don’t have to have perfect bodies in relation to society’s desire.

Subconsciously I am writing characters who are in better shape than I am; however, I am more attracted to their personalities. I may just concentrate and write a "non-perfect" bodied character...someone society doesn't think of as having a sexual side.

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