Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Frolics: Keeping dirty talk real.

Happy Frolics time.

Are finding my openings a tad cliché? That really is a bad start to this week's - Character speech is difficult enough in plain writing, how do you keep it real when "talking dirty"

Practice! Hahaha… Seriously, just practice (or listen). Like with reading scenes out loud (to make sure they flow), you do the same with “talking dirty.” That’s about the best way I know of to keep it real with character’s speech (in and out of the bedroom). It also depends on the characters themselves. A cowboy isn’t going to use words like a businessman. Unless of course, he’s a cowboy in Texas. LOL Thinking about it, I hadn’t really given it that much thought on how I keep it real when “talking dirty.” Something I’m sure now is going to perk my interest the next time I’m writing the scene though. I’ll have to let you know if another way pops into my head. Hmmm… LOL

I agree...practice. Plus taking yourself out of your characters and allowing them to speak.

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