Wednesday, September 21, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: The Cave Debate


The Man Cave. The Den. The Sports-room.

Why can’t a woman have her own cave? Why are we delegated to the bathroom? The kitchen. A nook. The bedroom.

Sure, he gets a room specific to him. We get a “special” use of a common room.

Really, we sooooo want to relax and think sexy thoughts in a container of hot water smelling the toilet’s auto-disinfecting cleanser.


You expect me to get thrilled about a dungeon. Locked away in the dark basement or cement garage. Something that reeks of socks and farts. A place no one ventures into.

How come we can’t have the bedroom? Or the living room? No, go to the cave; we’re underfoot, messing up the just cleaned room.

Damn, why does everything have to smell of lemon and flowers?

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