Monday, September 26, 2016

Mistress Musella: Sexting

It appears messaging and texting have taken the place of a good phone call. No more hearing breathe calls. No more sultry voice on the other end. No hearing a moan as one describes the peel of lace down a long leg. Hands caressing skin wishing something more.

Now we have a new word “sexting.” The taking of personal photos and sending them to another…and waiting for the reply. Waiting and worrying if we sent our naked self to the write cell phone number. Curious if we used the right filter; right pose; the perfect angle or the wrong angle.

Words from a keyboard instead of flowing from our own hands. No voice of surprise as we speak desires.

There goes the element of danger, of being caught, while walking in the office wearing nothing under one’s coat. Just send a picture and pray your exposure isn’t exposed to others.

Before, the one calling – showing up – was in control. Held all the cards. Today, that same person initiates but hands over their power to the receiver…and waits.

Sexting, sounds boring to me.

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