Monday, September 19, 2016

Mistress Musella: The Art of the Flirt

When was the last time you smiled at some one? Gave them an acknowledged look and not the non-seeing glance. Stranger. Man or woman. A couple?


You don’t remember?

Why? They would think you’re hitting on them. Get the wrong idea.

And, what’s so wrong with any of those reactions? Maybe, you’ll make them smile; feel good about themselves. Happy.

Maybe you’d trigger a “naughty” thought or two…three.

Flirting doesn’t mean – go get laid. It doesn’t mean you want to f___ the person. It’s all about the fun. The playful nature we forgot once we grew up.

Sure, it will have a sexual feel – given the right age. However, that feel is for us alone. Oh, and anyone we care to share it with.

Maybe that flirt is the one to share it with?

Go ahead.




Oh, was that a blush?

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