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Friday Frolics: What's too much

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It's officially Fall. Anyone else consider it Fall as soon as it becomes September, or is that just me?

Before we get to this week's topic, here's what Stan had to share from last week's question: When writing a bedroom scene, do you leave the bedroom door open or closed, and why?... Friday Frolics: No just for the bedroom

In response to my own question, I leave the bedroom door open. There are readers who prefer the bedroom door closed, even for erotica or erotic romance, but there are those who prefer it open. (At heart I think most of us are voyeurs to a certain degree.) Sex is good, it is wonderful, and when you are with someone you love, it is fantastic! So why not leave the door open? I think there are few things more enjoyable, from a reading perspective, of seeing/reading of two people enjoying one another.  As for where to write the scene, why does sex have to be limited to the bedroom? When you were in love and recently married, did you really restrict your sex to just the bedroom? Or did you and your spouse enjoy each other in a variety of places, to include the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom? So, why restrict the writing to one location when in real life, it takes place in a variety of places? And, that's about it. Thanks!

What's been asked of our Musers this week is...what's too much...hmmm, can anything good ever be or have too much ;)

It is hard to say when something is too much. It depends on the story and what the situation calls for. I'm not one to write about bodily fluids other than semen, sweat, and saliva, but some genres do call for others. Some also call for a more aggressive form of sex, though writing about forced unwanted sex in full description would constitute too much for my writing. For erotica, too much could also relate to the fine line between sensuality and porn. The sex should have emotion and relevance to the plot instead of vivid descriptions of the sex act making no sense to the storyline. I do love a good sex scene, but it has to make sense in the context of the story. If there's no what happens afterward, it's porn and should stay on the blue screen.

First you need to know if you're writing erotic/erotica or porn. I won't go into the difference as each have their own audience. I write erotic/erotica, now I need to know where my writing falls under this general genre...straight, gay, lesbian, swingers, group, fetish, others I don't know about, let alone all the other story genres. I write about a couple who engage with others. Guess you could say as generic as erotica can get?

For me, anal would be too much. Heavy BDSM...yup, I don't know enough to handle this. To be honest, M/M may be too much for me...not that I can't get the relationship emotion, it's the action I'm afraid of messing up.

Too much comes from the writer's comfort and ability. The reader will always go for what interests them.

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John Rosenman said...

Yes, it all depends on the particular narrative and the writer's purpose. In general, I would say you should not zoom your camera in too close or linger too long. I was reading a novel by a female friend in which the woman lies naked and the men do certain things to her, invading her every orifice. It just went on and on and became really boring. I dismissed it as female porn and put it away. I think if the sex acquires too much independence and there's little else, then the author has crossed the line. Personally, I prefer a little suggestion and restraint where erotic scenes are concerned. Sometimes less is more, and you don't need to show everything. One of my best erotic horror stories probably goes too far in being explicit. Suggest, don't show. Make the readers use their imagination.