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Friday Frolics: What was your family's reaction

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What are we starting back with today? Well, Muser Stan wanted to ask: when did your family (mom and dad, or soon-to-be-spouse) learn you write "HOT" stories, and what was their reaction?

Let's jump right in...

The moment I decided to try this genre was the moment my family learned. Their words "go for it." They've never given a second thought to supporting me and my writing. In fact, when I once expressed that I may have to stop and give it all up, my daughter cried and the husband asked what more could they do to help me continue.

I've been writing "HOT" stories (Erotica and Erotic Romance) for about four years now. It wasn't until I wrote my first novel, SHARING RACHEL, that my family learned of my expanding genre. All I remember is eye rolling at the news. More telling was when I had bookmarks made for SHARING RACHEL. I told my daughter I had bookmarks and I could send a batch to Colorado for her to distribute among friends (she's a nurse). I received a two-word e-mail: "" One of my sons (car salesman), when I offered bookmarks gave me kind of a sheepish look and responded: "No thanks." My other son, here in Las Vegas, just shook his head, but found a couple of places for the bookmarks to be on display. And you know, though all three know of the novel SHARING RACHEL, I don't think any of them have read it. Oh well. (Good thing they haven't seen the two stories I placed in a couple of anthologies before SHARING RACHEL.)

My hubby knew from the time I started writing to become published. My daughters learned, soon after, when they asked to read what I was writing and I wouldn’t let them. As for my parents? I waited until I had that first contract before telling them and even then, I wasn’t thrilled about sharing with them the genre I wrote. Lol When I finally told my dad (many contracts later), he was supportive and even told his female friends (who read) about my work. As for my mother…it was easier telling her I’d gotten the contract then it was what the books contained. She wasn’t happy and asked if I could stop writing erotic/a. It made her uncomfortable and she promised to never read anything I wrote.

Funny thing, I expected wisecracks and smart remarks from my dad (he’s that type of guy, lol). He didn’t give them. He was proud of me and happy I was doing something I love. Very supportive. My mother on the other hand, she reacted exactly as I thought. I did hope she would be proud of me. She wasn’t. Her words and reaction hurt our relationship. She didn’t want to hear anything about my work. Though, she does inquire about new contracts. My mother doesn’t ask about what I’m working on and I don’t share. I guess some people are very uncomfortable talking about erotic/a romances. They’ll read them, but that’s it.

I have two cousins who write romance. One writes erotica while the other is mainly romance for some of the big houses. The erotica writer encouraged me to send in a story and it got published right off. My family were ecstatic I got published. As more of the family found out I wrote hot stories, there was chuckling and some aghast reactions from the older generations. The cousins my age, however, wanted to know my pen name, and one of them even asked me to write him in!

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