Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Frolics: Not just for the bedroom

It's Friday Frolics time!

Well, I think I might finally be getting caught up on a few things...just don't quote me.

Do you ever have those weeks that everything just goes nuts, each day it's something new? Well, I'm glad this week has reached its end, not that I'll get much rest this weekend, LOL.

This week's Frolics question comes via Stan and he's wondering:

When writing a bedroom scene, do you leave the bedroom door open or closed, and why? Adding in where do you write the sexual scene...kind of like do you keep it to the bedroom or move rooms.

Leaving the bedroom door open or closing it depends on who else might be in the house or what kind of invitation is being given. If there is someone else in the house or apartment, yes, I usually have the characters close the bedroom door (or if someone's arrival or possible arrival is imminent). Otherwise, the characters usually have more on their minds than closing the door. The door may also be left open if the character(s) are expecting someone to come in and find them, either as a statement or an invitation to join in.

I don't usually confine myself to having a sex scene in a bedroom, though the bed is the most convenient for writing about the specific acts during sex. People don't always have sex in the bedroom. A young couple might decide the living room or the kitchen counter are a great place for a quick romp. Showers are also a great place to write a sex scene, especially between established lovers. In those cases, it is rare to have the door shut (unless like in my house if the steam from the shower would set off the fire alarm).

Because I've written Bonnie and Boris as a married couple with daughters, I tend to have the children out of the house or the sexual aspects away from the home. However, since I believe my writing is a little funny, I have had B&B interrupted. Even having to come up with an explanation for some household damage.

I think the time for the bedroom being the only room is long gone. With saying that we shouldn't forget that this room should be our inner sanctum away from the world and treat it as so.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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