Monday, May 16, 2016

Mistress Musella: Respect

You want salted spicy caramel ice cream and your lover wants plain vanilla. What do you do and why?

You know their comfort level and respect it.

Same for our sexual fun.

You’re game for a little cuff play, but your lover read King’s book and no helpless game play – ever.

Your lover wants a little m/m movie lesson. You’re not up to that.

Sexy talk feels dirty.

Spanking brings on thoughts of granny catching you, well, doing you know what.

What’s a person to do but respect their lover and what they can and cannot do. The heat of the moment isn’t exactly the time for those surprises. Talk about what makes you curious what you’d like to try.

However, you must always respect the decision your partner makes. As they should yours.

Show respect so that you will be respected.

Respect yourself and be honest with your lover. The only thing worse than giving in and forcing yourself is the lover who discovers their fun cost you, your comfort and enjoyment.

Guilt and shame have no place between lovers. These are issues to be dealt with on their own.


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