Monday, May 9, 2016

Mistress Musella: Humour

Sex is fun.
Sex is funny.

This is an activity that when you break down exactly what is happening – how, the visual, the sounds – it is bizarre. Think to your reaction when/if you watch any nature program and it’s mating animals. Or the sparrows and squirrels in your backyard. I’ve yet to see anyone not titter – especially if their child is watching. Not that I’m saying have your child watch…ewww and so wrong.

Sex is funny because we are so nervous about it.

We’re worrying over the silliest things – most we have no control over.

Take a moment and think how you feel after a good laugh. The laugh after something fun or funny. Don’t you feel happy, relaxed, uplifted? A good belly laugh can also tire you out.

Sex gives that, too. Happy, relaxed, “up”, and even tiredness.

Hmm, seeing the connection now?

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