Monday, May 30, 2016

Mistress Musella: Fantasies don’t mean you’re bad

Who is he? Your go to guy to reach that climax. Oh, it’s a she.

There’s a little game play going on in your head. Something to get you into the zone.

Not quite your favourite activity but you will, who’s in your head during the moment doesn’t hurt anyone.

You both have a dream-free list. Anyone mutual?

Fantasies are adult make-believes and there’s nothing wrong or bad about them.

No one needs to know who you’re thinking about. It doesn’t mean you love your partner less. In fact, these dream partners may just be who you need when you don’t want to say “no,” but your body is saying “meh.”

Don’t allow your guilt to confuse lying with fantasizing.

When you’re lying to your partner you know it because it’s about something you’re doing or are going to do.

Fantasy is the realm of not real. Possibly never going to happen. Something you might like to try, maybe, one day, perhaps.

Your heart and gut know the difference.

Go ahead and make-believe. Dream a little fun. Have a little fun. Who’s going to know?

Unless you share…dare to share?

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