Monday, May 23, 2016

Mistress Musella: Are you a prude

What exactly is a prude? Just because you won’t read erotic or watch porn or need the lights off does not make you a prude.

Calling your private time ‘ministry time’ doesn’t make you a cold fish.

Mocking someone who does any of these examples, yes, I’d call you a prude.

What? You’ve filmed yourself? Had a threesome, foursome. Love toys and movie sounds excite you. All right. But you’re still a prude if you’re mocking those who don’t…or do.

However, we play and love is how we play and love. What’s good for the gander isn’t always good for the goose. If it works for me, I’m not going to say it’ll work for you.

Feathers for you; paddles for them. Whatever gets you there.

The prude is the one looking down their nose at any and every one. They agree with no one – not even the one agreeing with them.

Prudes stand alone in judgement.

Still think you’re a prude?

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