Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Frolics: Target Audience

My favourite day is here...Friday the 13th!

Hope you find this an interesting and not so scary day, too. Unless you've been watching a certain channel today that's showing nothing but a certain slasher movie. Hey, I like slasher movies, but some of the sequels really do get overdone...and overdone badly.

It's like the producers have forgotten who their target audience is and that's the most unplanned lead-in to today's topic I've never planned:

Writing erotica - what is your target audience?

There isn't one target audience for erotica, but several, just as with any genre. The closest I can come to a single, comprehensive description for what I write, is that those readers enjoy having the sexual elements of the story made explicit. The sexual dimension of life is significant--a prime mover, if you will, which is why stories that ignore it fail as being significant. The best erotica uses sexual tension creatively, and ensures that the climax of the story and the climax of the main characters have something to do with each other.

Well, let's see. When writing Erotica or Erotic Romance - which I have only started doing in the past four years - I tend to write with a primary audience of 40-60+ year olds (mostly Baby Boomers)  in mind. Fun erotic exploration is not just for the young nor is it restricted to rich CEOs and comely young college graduates. I am sure there is a readership of, for example, real husbands and housewives, and small business owners in the heartland who enjoy Erotic and/or Erotic Romance stories/novels about people like themselves precisely because they would like to explore, but for one reason or another will not or cannot. So, from my point of view, that is "the erotic target audience" and why. Just as an aside, I also suspect there is a sizable audience of men and women in long-term relationships or marriage, who sometimes, (in private mostly, because society can be very judgmental) really do push societal and relationship/marital boundaries in exploration of the erotic. For all readers, have fun!

Honestly, I thought those who read erotic/erotica enjoyed a little more detail, a little more steam in their reading. Still wanted good stories and interest characters and fun reads to escape with. I never gave any thought to a specific reader. Although, I know to market I need to look at groups which accept our genre, even devout themselves to our genre. We wouldn't mix somewhere that reaches youngsters and their families, even if their parents read us. Every place for every genre at the right time.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Alladania said...

Sorry, was a little crazed at work and didn't get my comment together in time, but the audience I write for - it's people that get that love trumps gender. You love who you love. If I have to label Olivia, she'd be bisexual, but mainly, she loves who she loves. It's as simple as that.

Noelle Alladania Meade

ChrisChat said...

My apologies, I had incorrectly placed our HOT author, SJ Smith, with our HOT author, SS Hampton, Sr's musings...all corrected now.

Sorry, SS


ChrisChat said...

Hey, Noelle.

Thanks for coming by...and with Olivia we're actually talking an novel with sexual scenes vs a strict erotica read. The difference between R-rated to something X-rated...and I hope someone will correct me if I've messed up the comparison...hmmm, maybe that's a topic for future Friday Frolics.


Anonymous said...

Lol, thanks Chris!