Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Frolics: Prompts and blushes

Happy Friday!

Personally, it's been a productive week for It's also a holiday weekend here in Canada and I'm looking forward to some quiet family time...and much warmer spring temperatures. Maybe even get some writing done.

Which brings me to SS Hampton’s  question for this week:

What prompted you to write your first HOT story, and did you blush?

I'll admit to blushing when reading our authors'  HOT submissions.

Well, let's see. I forget what prompted me to write my first HOT story, and no, I did not blush. It was a short story that was included in an anthology from <gasp>, another publisher. I was pretty intent on writing a good story with believable characters and, ah, believable "action details." Prior to that time I only alluded to, or briefly mentioned, sex having occurred but never in any detail in my stories. Of course, then came my first novel, SHARING RACHEL, published by MuseItUp Publishing. I did not blush then, either. I was excited because after umpteen years of writing, I finally wrote a novel. As always, I was intent on writing a good story with believable characters and plenty of believable action details. Of course, I also ventured into an area I was unfamiliar with, cuckolding, so I had to do plenty of research beforehand (not personal hands-on research, mind you) to especially understand the psychology of those involved. So, no, I never did blush.

PS: Oh, and I heard that one of the MIU editors, when considering the SHARING RACHEL submission, did blush!

I wrote my first Bonnie and Boris story in answer to the Ohh Santa call-out and to challenge myself. Not sure I blushed as more kept looking over my shoulder and watching to make sure the door was shut. I didn't want any family to read over my shoulder, not because I was ashamed of what I was writing, but it is such an intimate genre and there's always that feeling of "I write this...doesn't mean I participate in it" awkwardness.

I will admit to a little blush as I wrote my first erotic story, skipping over the sex scene until the end. I blushed even harder when I saw the full title of the anthology!

I am one of five first cousins on my mother's side of the family. Both of the girls, Delilah Devlin and Elle James, are multi-published and award-winning romance novelists. Delilah is mostly Erotica while Elle writes contemporary romance. I was down visiting about five years ago, and Delilah asked if I'd ever thought about writing. She gave me a little coaching and showed me where one of the calls for submissions boards were online. I wrote my first erotic story, Dear Bryan, and after reading it, Delilah suggested I send it in. So I did, and didn't think too much about it.

Two months later, I got an email from the publisher congratulating me that they'd accepted the story. That was the moment I was hooked. When I told Elle I'd gotten the story published, she gave me a wry smile and said, "welcome to the dark side."

I can’t say anything prompted (aside from the two characters I was working with at the time) me to write that first HOT story. I just wrote the story that popped into my mind. And, yes, I believe I did blush. Or at least I THINK I blushed. I wasn’t looking in the mirror, so not sure. I can tell you I felt the heat rise in my face at what was I was rereading after I completed it. Does that count?

A friend told me about a publishing house that was looking for short erotic/a stories and that the story I’d sent her to beta read would fit. Mind you, at the time I was still learning what determined an erotic story from an erotica story from a plain sensual romance from a sweet romance.

For me it’s the characters that decide how HOT or not, their story is. I guess you could call that a prompt, right?

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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