Wednesday, April 6, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: Talk to me


I thought she enjoyed herself, but she just got up and left to…clean the kitchen?

The way she was going, I thought she was really into it. How was I supposed to know not to, well, hold her by the hair.

Damnit, cut the nails. Hold off, watch the grip, the teeth.

This worked last time, why not now? Crap where is it now?


Just finish already.

Can he really not tell I’m not ready? For crying out loud if he touches that spot one more time I’m going to scream…and not in pleasure.

Watch it! Some warning next time would be nice. Crap! Ouch!

Yes, that’s…no, move back, no…damnit, wish he would…oh to hell with it.


If only she would tell me.


If only he would listen.


Should I ask her?


Should I say something?

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