Monday, April 11, 2016

Mistress Musella: Where equals boredom equals trouble

You find sex boring? The same routine. The same time. Same…everything.

One question to ask yourself – have you locked the door to keep others out or to keep you in?

Sometimes, same, can be reassuring. Can be what we need in order to let go. Is the day and time we mark a bad week by. However, nowhere is it written that our, where, must be the same.

I hear you. But…but…can’t…how… Those are excuses. Those are blocks you have placed in your way. Only you can move them. Can unlock the door you’ve put between your privacy and the world around you.

The new, where, can be as simple as the couch, laundry room, the car in the garage. Take the risk of embarrassing yourself and rent a room. Be the illicit affair boredom can breed.

Before you make a regretful mistake.

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