Monday, April 4, 2016

Mistress Musella: Faking It

Are you shortchanging yourself and lover? Yes, if you’ve ever faked sexual interest or orgasm.

Faking is being dishonest. Shows lack of communication. This is a time where the lie will hurt more than the truth. Not that the truth won’t hurt or raise questions.

Faking your orgasm to save your lover’s feelings deceives them. If you’re not talking maybe your lover isn’t either. If it’s just not – orgasm that is – going to happen? Let it go. You’ve had fun, enjoy those moments and let that be it.

Talk to each other. Say what you want. How you want it. Even to stop when enough is, well, just that, enough. A happy ending isn’t always an orgasm. And the talking doesn’t need to be boring.

There’s enough faking, smiling and nodding, and lukewarm agreements in life that we don’t need these in our intimate lives.

Be honest with yourself.

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