Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Frolics: Writing beyond personal boundaries?

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It feels like Spring has finally decided to sit and stay. Here's wishing you a great weekend.

And to start the weekend let's get to Muser Kurt Dysan's contribution question to Friday Frolics:

In writing erotica, do your characters deliberately go beyond the bounds (sexually) of things you'd do yourself?

Almost always. Part of the point of erotica, the joy of it, is that it allows the reader to experience things vicariously. Without incurring the risk of stepping into the unknown, they can gain a sense of what it might be like to walk darker streets. If the story is well written, then the reader is swept up into the experience. Good fiction explores boundaries. Good erotica pushes sexual boundaries.

Yes. Writing erotica, for me, is like watching a scary movie like "Nightmare on Elm Street." I get an emotional energy from the piece. Something inside me is released. Plus it's a place I can explore what interests me in human nature. Outside of just being plain fun.

Do my characters deliberately go beyond the bounds (sexually) of things I’d do myself? I never really thought about it honestly. For me, some do and some don’t. Some characters push me to do more research about certain (sexual) subjects I’m not already knowledgeable in. We won’t discuss how I end up someplace else completely different that I’m sure would scare even the hardest of person. Did you know you can get lost on line? I’ve ended up places where I’ve wondered how in the hell did I get here. It’s not the same as in the physical world though. LOL

Personally, I have a history with abuse (physical, sexual, mental, and verbal) so certain matters (BDSM and/or rough sex for example) are triggers and not a real good thing. Over the years, with characters pushing me to learn the reality and “see” the difference, I’ve grown and healed even more then counselors said I would. I like to call the characters my strength (a part of my subconscious, if you will), because they don’t let me dwell in the dark or on the fear of the unknown. I cannot hide behind what happened and live life. They push me to open my eyes and tell/know the difference between BDSM, rough sex and abuse.

So yes, my characters do sexual things I wouldn’t normally do myself. Isn’t the whole point behind writing?

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