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Friday Frolics: Researching this genre

Hello Friday.

I have to admit it feels like it's taken a long time getting here. Looking forward to some non-scheduled working and turning the clock off.

But first let's visit with Friday Frolics and suggestions on how to research this genre. Writing does take research and let's face it the erotic genre is extremely intimate and personal.

Any number of blogs offer advice on aspects of sexuality and provide a lot of material for the erotic writer, ranging from the kinds of concerns people have about sex, especially specific sexual activities, to insights into what excites people, and this last part can afford a lot of surprises. Understanding what titillates and arouses people helps a writer deal with characters who aren't like them, or even just helps the writer understand the perspective of the other gender. And then reading books that are not erotic, but about relationships provides material too. By taking a relationship that seems interesting and converting it to a sexual one, new stories, new ideas within stories, evolve organically.

In erotic romance the research is interesting, because it’s pretty much ALL interactive. And yes, I said that with a BIG grin! You have to have the right placements of body parts and the positions should be “natural.” By that I mean, unless you’re writing about aliens having sex, you want the position to make sense and sound right. That takes personal physical research. You don’t want to sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about, right? Right! So check into those positions, read/look at books/pictures, check out websites (yes that means looking into porn, lol), you’d be surprised at the amount of information out there just wanting to be discovered and shared.

There are other areas (of research) where you can interview the people who live a certain lifestyle (BDSM). Most are more than happy to answer your questions. They don’t want their lifestyle lied about. To them it should be shown in the right light. For example, BDSM is NOT abuse. But to know that you have to open up and be willing to do the work to find out.

Funny thing…pretty much all research requires you check it out personally and physically so when you’re translating it into words on a page, it sounds natural and not a jumble of chaos. Although, chaos is good too. Just saying…

When researching adult material that doesn’t come from personal experience, first, if you work in an office, you never research this topic at work J

I do some of my research from my existing library of books. I have material from a fair variety of genres. I also have reference books from the mundane to the more outrageous. I have watched a fair number of adult movies in my time – though nothing since my daughter was born, so I have a fair notion of what activities are physically possible and what they look like.

If you’re a careful browser, you can find absolutely anything on the internet. I have seen things that I can’t unsee, if you know what I mean.

As far as toys and devices, there are some truly interesting professional websites out there. Some have videos showing how certain items are used and often have testimonials from satisfied customers. While you can find nearly anything on Amazon, I never research through there because of their unfortunate habit of suggesting purchase based on your previous searches. Sometimes I shop on Amazon over my lunch break…

Google has been quite useful for researching historical information – both of devices and practices. Our generation most definitely didn’t invent sex. Sometimes I think with some of the older things I’ve found, they had none of our modern entertainments and that freed up a lot of time for exploring and refining sensual pleasures.

Researching for erotic romance is fun and easy...depending on the position.

Seriously, it can be a good idea to try out the positions before writing them down. While it may seem something would work visualized in the author's head, real life may leave some of the positions achievable to only the most nimble acrobat. Porn may also help, but can be a bit tricky to explain to your significant other. “No, really honey. It's research.”

I had to laugh at one of the recent comments I got from my editor telling me she couldn't get her stick figures to do a certain position. No, I didn't go back and try it. I just changed the description.

For the non-sexual aspect of the stories, plot, location, and character development are just as important to get correct in an erotic romance as in any other genre. Nothing could pull me out of a story faster than inconsistent or incorrect details no matter how hot the sex is. A good erotic author can write a smoking’- hot sex scene. A great one can incorporate a well-researched story with deep characters, lush description, and a flowing storyline.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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