Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Frolics: Erotic weaving and other genres

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What do we have for you this Friday Frolics? Today's question comes from Kurt Dysan:

Do you prefer to weave erotic stories into other sub genres, such as science fiction, thrillers, or mysteries or focus on the romance aspect?

Let's see what our Musers have to say...

I enjoy writing all sorts of stories and emphasizing the erotic aspects of them. All stories are about the ways characters interact and erotic interaction is fundamental to our beings. That primal quality is fascinating to explore in the context of other challenges and environments. Stories that put the characters under pressure let their true natures show more clearly than when we a separated from them by the veneer of civilization. Throw them into an alien environment or a sinister situation, and the real urges, drives, and character emerge.

That’s the way I write, weaving sub genres into the romance, makes it more realistic to me (even when it’s fantasy and paranormal). At first (years ago) I was told (by many different published authors) I wouldn’t get the coveted contract by writing that way (publishers wanted definite genre, not confusion mixed with sub genres). I tried (really hard) to write the way they said was the right way…only in one genre without adding in the sub genres. Didn’t work. My writing froze and creativity went out the window. I couldn’t write to save my life. Lesson learned.

My advice; if the sub genres appear in the story, leave them alone! If they don’t, then that’s okay too. lol And truthfully, I like to interweave sub genres in with the romance aspect. Makes it interesting and puts different pressures on my Hero and Heroine. I mean, come on, who wants the happily-ever-after without any tangles and knots along the way? Gotta have some interesting facets to move the characters towards/apart. That’s the fun. And (for me) what makes the story more realistic.

Because I still consider myself a newbie to this genre, my set of stories are more glimpses into a couple's life and their relationship(s). Once I get more comfortable, learn more, I'd like to weave the sexual aspects of erotica into another genre...find the balance between the two.

My Golden Scepter stories are definitely examples of weaving the erotic elements into a suspense thriller story. The story line has its own flow and would stand alone without the sex scenes. I do the same in all my longer story writing. The Bastard's Key was actually meant to be a short story for an anthology, but suddenly the character wanted to do more than have a quickly on a blind date. Instead of a short erotic themed story, I wrote a three novel suspense series with a few erotic scenes woven in.

Another story I'm currently writing focuses more on the romance and relationship development, but again could easily stand on its own without the erotic element.

My current release with MuseItHOT, Summer Stalked, is a murder mystery with some erotic elements, but also focuses on a budding relationship.

For my writing, I want the story to be as strong as the sex scenes are hot. It makes for a deeper understanding of the characters, turning them from gyrating bodies to fully-developed personalities with a great story to tell.

With my main series, Crucible of Change, I work the erotic in with the urban fantasy genre. With my new series, Naughty Royals, I’m using different fairy tale settings but the main thing is the erotic content. I must admit, the current story is insisting on adding some actual political intrigue into my erotica. It’s getting peanut butter into my chocolate, so to speak.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: Food play


Would that be whipped cream with a cherry on top? Hold the melted chocolate.


No chocolate? Good luck.

And just who’s going to wash these sheets?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Mistress Musella: Size? You’re worrying too much

Too small.
Too big.
Too long.
Too wide.
Not enough…


When will you learn you are enough? The truth is that no matter the size, if the person doesn’t know how to use what they have what then does the “perfect” size mean?


There isn’t a perfect size just as there isn’t the perfect lover. If you keep wanting something that doesn’t exist, you’ll be left wanting and missing out on what life has to offer.

Take what life has given you and, well, play with it.