Monday, March 28, 2016

Mistress Musella: Touch revisited

To be intimate is to be touched and to touch. It’s basically impossible to avoid. You can avoid certain areas but those tend to be the best parts to touch and to have touched.

Forget what you grew up with or heard on the school grounds, it’s time to relearn that touching is okay. In its own time and place, that is.

Don’t take what you see on screen to be how everyone wants to be touched.

Don’t take how you like to be touched as how your lover wants it.

Listen and watch your lover. Talk to your lover. Yes, talk to them – ask them and tell them.

Don’t know?

Experiment. Start slow and easy and build. Play.

Here is the one area you need to be free and give yourself permission. If someone’s judging they need to leave.

If you’re the judge – stop. The world’s hard enough on you without your help.

Be good to yourself.

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