Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Frolics: What do Muse HOT authors want in a HOT story

Happy Friday!

You know what you want in an erotic/erotica story, but what does two of MuseItHOT's authors want?

What do I want in an erotic story? I want a deep connection between the characters, not just the heated bang with lots of steamy sex. I would like to make-believe that what I’m reading is truly possible in this our world, a different sort of reality, existing alongside ours. I like to be able to imagine myself as one of the characters, and to be able to escape, go on vacation, leave daily reality behind for a while. Isn’t that what every reader wants? The escape? The travel without the cost and headache? *raises hand* I’m all for saving money and not needing a vacation from my vacation. I mean, who isn’t these days? Hahaha…

Growing up, for my birthday one year, my mother’s cousin gave me the newest released Johanna Lindsay novel and then waited (nervously) to hear me say I read it and enjoyed it. They called me (still do, lol) a “book snob,” because I don’t just read any books. Now as an adult, I agree. I’ve read some books that fell short and really didn’t enjoy them. I can’t afford to not have those wants as a reader met.

So yes, if all the above is met than I am one happy reader. Now, I’m off to see about getting myself back on my writer’s schedule. I’ve fallen horribly behind. Hahaha…

The prime thing I want in an erotic story is a story. Some of the stories I've edited for other writers leave me disappointed that the primary focus was the sex scene. In my own writing, I've learned a strong build up moves the storyline a lot farther than the characters saying "you're hot, let's screw". What happens after is just as important to me. Do the characters stay together, or was it a quickly in the alley? The best erotic stories for me are the well-rounded ones. But it certainly doesn't hurt for the sex to be hot!

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