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Friday Frolics: Pseudonyms

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Today for Friday Frolics we're asking our HOT authors why, and if, they use a pseudonym when writing.

I decided to use a pseudonym right off, and have never published under my own name. Some of the reason was privacy, though most of my personal and professional world know I write. The main reason however was I wanted to create another persona, the Author-Me, who could explore where I would normally fear to tread.

Picking the name was actually quite easy. I started with surname, choosing one of my ancestral family names which also seemed to fit with the genre I'm writing. The first name was also easy. It's the name of a guy I fell head-over-heels for years ago, and still adore him to his day, though we didn't end up together. My husband laughs my pseudonym, just as he laughs while he reads my work.  So here I am. Brent Archer. Writing the experiences I might never have (and in the case of my intrigue series, hope I never have!!!).

Do I use a pseudo name? Yes, I do. The reasons behind the choice have changed over time, now they are just a separation of my real life and writing life.

Originally, I decided to use “Alix Richards” was to stay hidden. My real name is pretty unique and I didn’t want to be found. There are/were people from my past that made it easy to NOT use my given name. Or even a form of it. Without getting into details…I was in an abusive relationship. I did not want him or anyone associated with him knowing my business. Including professional. As we all know, it doesn’t take much to ruin what is built or being built.

Then after distance was placed in between, it no longer mattered if he knew. No one would listen to him. That was when the reason altered to protect my mother and her religious sensibilities. She didn’t like the genre I chose to write. Didn’t approve. So to protect her from embarrassment, the choice to keep a pseudo name remained.

Now, however, neither of those is true. If my ex wishes to find me, he will in this digital age. As for my mother…well, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t approve. I am the one who has to live with what I writing, not her.

These days I use a pseudo for myself. Because Alix is the writer and ____ is not.

Welllll, "pseudo name." I'm not sure what that is, but, a pen name? Sort of. Yes and no. ANYWAY, my name is Stan Hampton, Sr., but I use SS Hampton, Sr. when writing. (Come to think of it, I sign most documents as SS Hampton, Sr. too.) That's really not a pseudo name or pen name, but I like it. And why not just use my name to write under? I don't remember why I started, but I like SS Hampton, Sr. I write in more than one genre, but I use this name for all of my writings. I know some authors use more than one pen name, but I think the possibility of losing track of "who is who" is too great to risk. Thanks. Cheers!

I use a pseudonym only to keep people from confusing the adult mainstream stories from my Crucible of Change Series. I don't actually care if people know I write both, but then my fantasy series has its own adult content. I'm not in a profession where I have to worry about someone from work finding out.

Honestly, I find it interesting that in America we are more inclined to treat something as more taboo because of sexual content than we are a story with explicit violence in it. It's probably a leftover of those Puritans.

Freedom. Using another name is a mental release to showcase a different aspect of my personality…no, I don’t play what I write. There’s no imagined person reading over my shoulder in the manner of family or friends. Let alone when I write a mainstream or Youth story, I’m able to market to each’s strengths without the readers’ assumptions.

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