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Friday Frolics: How else to

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There are many writing books. Inspirational and instructional as well as idea prompts. This week I've asked Alix Richards to share with us on of these writing exercise/prompts and one that as an erotic author is needed:

Ten different ways to

People are so uptight about saying they’re having “sex.” I mean, you have a newborn…dude, you’re having sex. Just say it already. It’s not like it’s a dirty word or something. Seriously, there are some really nasty words out there; “sex” isn’t one of them. Trust me.

So here is my contribution to those wonderful euphemisms for sex. Many I’ve used myself (yes personally) and as a writer. Although, using the word “sex” isn’t all that bad. Just say flat out, no beating around the bush, you’re having sex. lol

1) Shagging – my grandmother used this one. As children we used to giggle, because we knew it meant something dirty. lol

2) Comin’ around – another one from my grandmothers’. We’d hear them say “so and so has been seen comin’ around so and so’s house” and we knew something was going down.

3) Humpin’ – if you have animals, you know what this one means. Having family members with farms…yep, we understood what “humpin’” meant. lol

4) F**king – the oldest word in the book pertaining to “sex” we all know what it means.

5) Bumping uglies – Not sure why people used this one (including myself), but there it is.

6) Gettin’ frisky – we all get frisky when we’re getting busy.

7) Horizontal tango – Um, hello, we’re talking about beds and well…you know.

8) Make Whoopee – another from my grandmother.

9) Getting busy – yep, just getting busy here. Lol

10) Getting down and dirty – is sex really down and dirty?

Thanks, Alix.

And, thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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