Wednesday, February 24, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: Cuddle only please


Always up for it? Never say no? Think about it every – how many seconds a day?

Except that’s not reality. What?! Guys can’t go through the motions only? Like this isn’t pressure, no, not at all. Just because it pops up doesn’t mean the rest attached is interested.

Sometimes a cuddle – yes a cuddle – or even a toe to toe touch is all that’s needed…wanted.


He pops up more often than the baby’s jack ‘n’ the box. Good thing I know him so well. Can read his body and facial language.

Those are droopy eyes not bedroom eyes. No stripping to excite, he’s just that tired.

The real tip-off – I’m standing naked, checking the girls and he’s not even at half-mast.

Looks like  toe cuddles tonight.

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