Monday, February 29, 2016

Mistress Musella: Touch is to know yourself

Touch is a basic human need to be happy and healthy.

You don’t agree?

Think to all those hugs and how you felt giving and receiving them. Think on how our touch and holding calms those who are upset or afraid. Children and seniors have been known to weaken due to lack of touch.

Our skin carries sensors everywhere. The contact it receives registers in our brain and translates to our emotional being. When our hands are chapped and dry we crave lotion to sooth them. When muscles tighten into knots we ask, seek, a massage. The relief of warm water washing away itchy sand from our bodies.

Then there are the ahhs to a kitten’s softness and the eww to baggie-picking-up puppy poop.

All items that register via touch.

Intimacy needs touch. The innocent touch of holding hands to the most private and open touch ever – body to body, sexual core to sexual core. The primitive need maybe to procreate, but the body and mind seek release.

How does one show another how to bring us to that climax if we don’t know for ourselves?

It’s not wrong to know your body’s pleasure and health.

Next time you are alone with your naked self, take a moment and savour yourself. The feel of water running down you. The towel’s massage on your skin. The cotton or silk of your sheets.

The love of your hands.

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