Monday, February 22, 2016

Mistress Musella: Savouring – Touch

Caress, feather light, firm and sure…what?

Yes, you have to touch it.
Yes, that as well.
There? Only if you both agree.

This conversation is going to go the way of last week’s Taste, isn’t it?

Let’s see if we can talk more than we did then. Taste is mostly a one way sense. Touch works for both, all.

Add in the sense of taste – lips, mouth, tongue…SHUSH…both, all partners benefit. The person “doing” feels their partner(s)’s reaction. Their skin, the strength, size, texture.

The one “receiving” just imagine the feeling of being lightly touched – shivers running wild – the firm kneading of hands upon our muscles. Our bodies giving into the manipulations.

Our entire body is one touch sense just waiting.

Now. Go. Play.

We’ll revisit when you get the giggles and smirks out of the way.

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