Monday, February 15, 2016

Mistress Musella: Savour your lover – sense of taste

Stop the tittering, we are adults after all.

Why does the thought of sex and taste make most go all teenage-laughing behind our hands-silly? Of course, intimacy should have its silly moments. There’s a time and place for everything. Right now I’m talking about our senses not our mindsets.

Hidden depths
Our lover(s)’s ours, what we bring to play

Oh for heaven’s sake!

You do have your own flavour, too. And if you’re not careful your partner might not care to savour you.

Shall we continue?

What do you…do you have to use your tongue?

What else do you taste with?

Oh for mercy’s sake.

I’m giving you an assignment. Go play with your sense of taste. Explore and discover. We’ll meet back here next month and then we’ll talk.

You heard your Mistress – GO. PLAY. NOW.

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