Monday, February 8, 2016

Mistress Musella: Release, it’s all in the mind but setting helps

To be clear, I am talking sex and intimacy.

No, I’m not any professional – therapist or otherwise. I’m someone who has been through enough, talked enough, listened and observed those around me enough that I’m taking the time to voice what I’ve seen and learned.

Too many times we say no to our pleasures because our mind just isn’t in the mood. Hey, our bodies can, almost, always switch to being in the mood. Well, unless we’ve overdone anything…drink, drugs, anything physical, even sex, then our bodies may just crash completely on us.

The mind is in control and it fights to remain in control even when we try to shut it up. The very idea of relaxing and letting go when we have a pile of bills to pay, a bathroom needing cleaning, or the dust bunnies are staging an attack is damn near impossible to think about. We’re not taught to have fun. We’re not taught to play. We’re conditioned to work. We’re trained to make sure the house is spotless just in case someone drops over. We’ve even been taught that sex is something you keep quiet behind locked doors. Something you don’t talk about, but something you possibly should schedule ahead of time.

Boring. Mundane. Let’s make the sex appointment between the dentist appointment and the Gynecologist. Oops, nope, won’t work, there’s…whatever.

Sex and the physical/emotional/mental release it gives needs our attention. We should not deprive ourselves of the well-being this simple act offers. Nor should we give in to it because someone demands/forces/guilts us. Without the mutual…or individual…permission the release isn’t the high we need. It gets turned into the dread or worse, the fear.

Our release starts in our minds…our partner(s)’ mind(s)…so, someone should go now and escort those dust bunnies out, clean the toilet, put the bills aside for the working hours, do something to create the setting to release your someone(s)’ mind(s).

It’s time to play.

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