Monday, February 29, 2016

Mistress Musella: Touch is to know yourself

Touch is a basic human need to be happy and healthy.

You don’t agree?

Think to all those hugs and how you felt giving and receiving them. Think on how our touch and holding calms those who are upset or afraid. Children and seniors have been known to weaken due to lack of touch.

Our skin carries sensors everywhere. The contact it receives registers in our brain and translates to our emotional being. When our hands are chapped and dry we crave lotion to sooth them. When muscles tighten into knots we ask, seek, a massage. The relief of warm water washing away itchy sand from our bodies.

Then there are the ahhs to a kitten’s softness and the eww to baggie-picking-up puppy poop.

All items that register via touch.

Intimacy needs touch. The innocent touch of holding hands to the most private and open touch ever – body to body, sexual core to sexual core. The primitive need maybe to procreate, but the body and mind seek release.

How does one show another how to bring us to that climax if we don’t know for ourselves?

It’s not wrong to know your body’s pleasure and health.

Next time you are alone with your naked self, take a moment and savour yourself. The feel of water running down you. The towel’s massage on your skin. The cotton or silk of your sheets.

The love of your hands.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Frolics: Sex as a character tool

Fabulous Friday has arrived!

Sorry, excited that I didn't have to get up at the crack of dawn on a Friday...or maybe that should be excited because I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn on Friday, only because I'm writing this up Thursday evening. It's a strange thing writing posts before anyone will read them.

Before I ramble too much let's get to today's musings...How can/do you use sex as a character development? Show a character's personality/traits?

A person's approach to sex is an integral element of their personality; their attitudes to sex help demonstrate who they are. Because showing is more dramatic than telling, sex scenes are a powerful tool for showing character. How a person behaves in a sexual encounter tells us if they are respectful or disrespectful of other people or if they are passionate or dispassionate. During sex we learn if a character is totally self centered or truly interested in the pleasure and well-being of their partner(s). A person who sees sex as an important bond between two people is a totally different character from one who sees sex as strictly an avenue for pleasure.

Naturally, these are only polarized descriptions of character qualities--most humans, most characters who come alive, are a mix of these. The balance shifts from time to time and situation to situation, and as a person learns about themselves and life. As a result, well-written sex scenes can show character development--shifts in who they are as they grow darker or move toward the light.

Sex absolutely can be used for developing a character, both the hero and the villain. In my upcoming novel Pennington's Conquest, sex is a major device for showing the callous nature of the main villain. He uses his sexual conquests as a simple release and show of power. In one of my many works in progress, I use sex to show the growth of the main character and how far the relationship had come from just a power play to true love and commitment.

The willingness of characters to do things they otherwise wouldn't do or consider during sex can show a significant shift, either in personality or development, and in romance, especially erotica, can make or break the story. A partner willing to bottom for the first time to show their love for or to keep the man they care for. A wife finding new ways to thrill her husband. A husband willing to try toys or role play to keep his wife interested and excited. Spice up the bedroom to spice up the romance!

I would say the sex in my stories show the love and trust between the parties in question. This does go a long way to indicate who they are to each other, but because of my style of story...short and won't run across anyone like a user or villain. Maybe in a future story to show how trust was built or rebuilt. But with something so intimate it will give the reader something of the character.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

She Wants/He Wants: Cuddle only please


Always up for it? Never say no? Think about it every – how many seconds a day?

Except that’s not reality. What?! Guys can’t go through the motions only? Like this isn’t pressure, no, not at all. Just because it pops up doesn’t mean the rest attached is interested.

Sometimes a cuddle – yes a cuddle – or even a toe to toe touch is all that’s needed…wanted.


He pops up more often than the baby’s jack ‘n’ the box. Good thing I know him so well. Can read his body and facial language.

Those are droopy eyes not bedroom eyes. No stripping to excite, he’s just that tired.

The real tip-off – I’m standing naked, checking the girls and he’s not even at half-mast.

Looks like  toe cuddles tonight.