Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She Wants/ He Wants: Scents? Smells?


I showered this morning and used deodorant, what’s the problem? With all the flower and fruit shampoos and soaps, why can’t they make something that smells like BBQ or Scotch?

She didn’t mind my sweaty smell last night, but now I’m all sticky and smelly. What gives?

Oh Crap! Another new perfume thing…they all smell the same.

Hmmm, what’s that? Steak…Roast Beef…Beer? Baking Potatoes. Uhm, yeah, might have time for a quick shower.


Why doesn’t he know there’s a difference between work-out BO and…well…all right, I’m not noticing what he smells like when he’s doing…doing…you know…that. It’s why I bought the chocolate flavoured, you know, at least those smell better than the damn grape ones.

And what’s wrong with flowers and fruits scents, anyways. Their fresh and uplifting. He would have me smelling like some mushroom growing in the mud. I could wear BBQ sauce and he’d like it.

Hmmm, wonder what he would do if I did? Just a little behind my ears and down between the boobs.

Is that the shower?

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Nancy C said...

It's totally true that men and women find different scents arousing. A scientific study found that rose and floral scents, along with chocolate, baby powder, and strawberry, were the least arousing to men. On the other hand, orange, vanilla, black licorice, and pumpkin pie spices scored very high.

When humans exercise, we use different sweat glands than when we are aroused or embarrassed, so the two types of sweat really do smell different to a potential sexual partner.

Oh--and the perfume men found least attractive? Whatever their ex wore.