Monday, December 7, 2015

Mistress Musella: Sexy Holidays

The holidays fill us with warm fuzzies, love and hope, inspiration to be better than we are. We’re kinder, more present than ever before. We’re looking forward to seeing friends and family. Celebrating life and new beginnings.

At least this is what we hope for; however, the majority of time we’re stressed, rushed, frustrated, and even angry or depressed. Financial budgets run crazy. Must go tos overbook our schedule. Forgotten gifts turn into madness and fear of leaving anyone out. To card exchange or not. Cookie bakes and menu planning. Too much or too little.

Overtired and worn out. Done in and overdone. Crashing into bed feeling alone and wanting but lacking - have lost - desire.

Sexy Holidays?

Holiday sex?



When did sexy become to mean having sex. Getting naked, sweaty, and forcing yourself to fake enjoyment of our pleasures.

Sexy is an emotion. A moment’s feeling of being well. Being filled with desire for ourselves. Our lover(s) may find us sexy, but to feel sexy that is ours and ours alone.

Take a second and feel the shower cascade down your body. The instant smoothness as you massage in the body lotion. The caress of bedsheets against any nakedness. The release of laying back knowing you can do no more today.

A hug.

A brief kiss hello, goodbye, goodnight.

A hand held.

Someone else cleaning the toilet or taking out the trash.

Sexy arrives when we feel good. When we stop and allow our sense of touch to take over. Touch stimulates more pleasure points than any other sense. Think about it.

Nipples do not see, taste, breathe, they feel.

Groins react more to touch even before the mind registers an image.

The moment you allow yourself to feel the physical you open yourself to everything. In a manner you’ve given your mind permission to think something else.

Sexy doesn’t mean sex. Sexy is your state of being whether dressed in lace or leather; fancied up to the nines; naked on satin, or swimming in sweats.

Be kind to yourself and feel who you are.

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