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Friday Frolics: Sexy Holidays?

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Happy December, Frolicking Musers.

Here's to a holiday season filled with smiles, laughter, and new memories.

For me it's a little difficult thinking of HOT ideas to muse about during this season. Between the chaos, late nights, demands, and whole family themes how does one think HOT, sexy, or romance? Well, you know we have Musers who can answer this:

I think most holidays can be very sexy and/or romantic. In my book The Christmas Proposal, the main character does a striptease for his lover to the tune of Santa Baby. There is also a marriage proposal in the form of a gift. In my short story Halfway Out of the Dark, one of the characters makes a gift of a spice that reminds the main character of Christmas past and cements their relationship.

Thinking of other holidays, Halloween is made to be sexy. Costumes showcasing one lover's body to the other, or teasing with just the right amount of reveal. Easter and a sexy Easter Bunny costume also excites the imagination with possibilities for trysts around the shrubs while hunting for eggs. St. Patrick's Day invites stories of dalliances with a leprechaun or two. And the solstices are perfect for revelry both in and out of the bedroom.

Holidays are one of the most romantic times of the year, especially Christmas/Yule/Hanukah (and all other holidays in December). These are family times, moments when we feel something magical in the air, a sense of wonder and joy.

Many people often bring their significant others to these holiday events, sometimes using them as moments to pop that commitment question or announcement the coming of a new family member. Sometimes family members announce plans to relocate or new promotions...or, in some cases, just having a job after being out of work for a while.

I think celebrating winter holidays with someone very special is the height of romance. Trimming the tree and putting up other decorations while enjoying a holiday glass of something special with someone you've had your eye on is romantic, even if that someone has been in your life and heart for years and years or just a short while. Walking in the snow, holding hands is very sexy, whether the couple is 16 or 86.

Attending holiday services or concerts where carols are sung actually is a heartwarming date for me. And that very special waltz at a holiday party that ends with a warm kiss brings shivers up my spine.

Holidays are about special moments shared between two people (and ultimately shared with their wider families). Those are romantic and sexy. For me, it is making and decorating holiday cookies together, smearing flour on each other and putting frosting on each other's noses. It is sharing a glass of wine with a bit of really good cheese and fruit cake, while sitting on the couch with our feet intertwined while we watch "White Christmas." Or it is resting in front of a fire in a small cabin, as the snow falls outside, waiting in the quiet together for the rest of the family to get there. Now that's holiday romance.

Personally, it’s not easy to get into the sex mood during the holidays, although I’m sure it’s attempted prior to everything exploding upward into chaos as the date draws near. I know that’s what I do. Because it’s relaxing and just nice to have that release when you can’t scream and yell at the top of your lungs to get rid of the building stress.

I learned a few years back that sex is actually an AWESOME stress reliever. To the point, when the stress really gets overwhelming, it’s still bearable and you don’t feel as if someone added one more thing to the pile you’ll collapse under its weight. Plus, you can make it more romantic with the lights and foods (that’s only ever bought and made during this festive time of the year). The scents and joyful mood of the season enhance the moment. The giving and sharing along with the family and friends gathered all the emotions that come along with that. It seems kind of a two-edged sword, the stress of the holiday/s and the comfort of the season. It is possible to make the holidays sexy, it just takes a little more work than any other time. Use the massage oils, it works for both you and your partner. Relaxes and eases the tension in the muscles from standing in the kitchen baking, or running through the mall searching for that one perfect item for that special person. Get creative. Trust me, of all the stress relievers out there to use, nothing beats sex. *winks*

Sexy can be, should be, well is for me, an emotional, physical, and mental element. The physical is great, but let's be honest it can be the last thing simply because we're worn out and tired...overtired. That's when the other two elements need to kick in...bring on the physical or just be what they are. Romance, I'll take cleaning the bathroom as a romantic gesture. Reality, day-to-day living, has done just as much as a bouquet of roses.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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