Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Frolics: Sexy Gifts

Welcome to our last Friday Frolics of 2015. Thank you for joining us each week. We hope you've had fun reading and perhaps finding new authors to enjoy.

With this being the season of Santa and gift giving, I thought I would ask our Musers about sexy gifts/gift giving. Let's see what ideas they have...

Ah, sexy gifts. So many options! In my Oh Santa story The Christmas Proposal, one of the main characters have a striptease as a gift while the other gave a ring and a marriage proposal. Sexy and erotic gifts just depend on the chemistry and the comfort level the characters have with each other.

The more playful the relationship, the more kinky the gift may be. A Dom might give his/her sub a new collar and a leash. A couple desiring a threesome might engage the services of a call boy as a gift to each other. In writing erotic romance, all manner of gift is fair game. As long as it fits the character and the heat level of the relationship, nothing is off limits.

Real life? I always look forward to what Santa stuffs in my stocking...

Is it too corny to say the gift of time? Time to write. To think. Play time?

Sexy gifts can be weird. They pick something that isn't the right size or colour for you. The outfit just looks wrong your body shape. The thought and care behind it becomes a giggle and sometimes mood changer - not for the good.

I've asked for items for research - yes strictly for research. I'm telling you they're just too over the top to be anything but visual research. I swear some need user instructions.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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Alix Richards said...

Missed the turn. :-( I'll post it here in the comments. :-)

What would I consider a sexy gift? That depends on the person, honestly. Some think lingerie is a sexy gift, but if that’s not what turns your characters on, then it’s a fail. I’d have to say, you need to know your person (characters) intimately to know what would be a sexy gift to them. I have a couple of friends who would die (literally) for those first edition books. Now to them, that is a sexy gift. Me? Not so much. But, then again, I’m strange like that. Lol

A gift to a lover? Again, that would be how well I know the person intimately. I know many guys who would consider a muscle car a sexy gift. That also includes those who love golfing. But I would personally choose the slinky lingerie. That way, they can unwrap their gift…twice!

I haven’t used gifts in my writing…well, okay, that might be a little fib. I have pieces where my heroes present their heroines with small trinkets that are handed down through their familial lines. But aside from that…nope, no gift giving.

~Alix Richards

ChrisChat said...

Glad to see you, Alix.

I dislike time differences :(

Thanks for coming by and sharing