Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Frolics: Scents

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Did you have a fun week? Better plans for the weekend?

This week's topic came from watching too many TV shows...commercials. There are loads of commercials for air fresheners and candles and cooking...all scents and holiday scents.

I'm thinking on how scents play a part in our writings, in setting moods, even as attracting people to someone. Memories brought on by scents. Two of our Musers have taken up the challenge.

Am I the only one who is overly scent sensitive? There really isn't a scent I find sexy or puts me in the mood. Unless clean is/has a scent. Crisp sheets - would that be more a texture thing or the fragrance of dryer sheets/fabric softener.

I've been comforted by my partner's pillow scent but not turned on by it. Scents do have an impact on me but not in the sense of erotic.

I am trying to incorporate this sense into my writing because I know others react to smells. Memories are very much associated with what we smell - good and bad.

I don’t use air fresheners, I use candles and incense. Daily. Year round. They bring out what is needed for focus and concentration as well as creativity, peace and harmony. They also bring forth memories I can pull from to use (emotionally) in recreating certain scenes. Plus, there are those fragrances that draw my attention and focus to a particular person. Those that are just theirs and no other.

I did a small experiment a handful of years back (didn’t know I was doing it though, lol). My Mother is against the burning of incense of any kind or type (at the time anyway, now she’s more open). So while she visited that week, I made certain not to burn any incense. Sad to say, by the time the seven days were over…my family was feeling it. As soon as I lit up (now doesn’t that sound interesting? LOL) the mood calmed and everyone was in a better state of mind. Now, one might say that the change was because the kids and hubby were aware I burned the incense, they weren’t. When everyone left that morning, my children vanished into their respective rooms (having had enough family time together) and I didn’t see them again until well after noon. When they did show themselves, they were my lovely, fun, annoying-the-other-siblings kids. I’ll take that over the others that were present. Lol Can also point out my eldest children sleep when they come home from college, grumbling something about not being able to sleep at the dorms or at friend’s houses. Win!

Now, during the holidays…it’s another matter altogether. The baking and cooking, all of those smells that only are brought together at the end of the year, during the winter holidays, they entice scenes of holiday stories, and memories of holidays past, of decorating trees, twinkling lights, and gathering family. I find myself wanting to sit down and fashion whatever idea grew from those tantalizing scents. Which for me (right now) doesn’t work into what I have going through the writing process. But sprinkle some snow along with the holiday carols and I can envision a holiday scene that will eventually bring about a short story for the winter season.

As a qualified Complementary Therapist, if your jealousy allows, think of a pamper aromatherapy session or book a room for two therapists at the same time.... floating candles, aromas, warmth... luxurious.

Thank you for dropping over, we appreciate it. Have a fun weekend and hope to you see next week.
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