Wednesday, November 18, 2015

She Wants/He Wants: Uniforms


Uniforms? You want to know what I think of uniforms? It’s why I argued having a female doctor for Pete’s sake. It ain’t the cup and cough that’s uncomfortable, it’s that damn white coat. Not only blood pressure rises with white coat syndrome.

And, yes, you’re…you are…you’re…crap…you’re right, all right. I am more polite with the lady cop over the male jackass.

Now, ahm, care to try on company’s brown shorts?


Uniforms...I wonder at times if bosses actually LOOK at the uniforms. size does not fit all, morons. I may be petite but my boobs just don't fit in a small so I need a size bigger even though it looks big on me. Then again, now you need to adjust your eye-view to my face and not south.
However, a tight uniform on a cop, fireman, mailman...oh shit, any bulk bearing muscled hunk is fine with me. I won't complain. Double standards you say? Oh heck yeah!

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