Monday, November 2, 2015

Mistress Musella: Costumes

Sexy or not, we all wear them, changing as our needs demand.

Think of women’s bras. There’s the deep V for plunging peeps. The lacy peek-a-boo. Something to push the girls up and others to hold them close. Bras with nip windows for no claim of accidental nip slip.

Ahh, let’s not forget those delectable open access panties. Such a pleasurable tease.

Stay up hose are fine, but a slow undo of clips builds the caress.

Be a tavern wench if you desire. The pleasing butler ready to serve the French maid, if that’s your need. A cowgirl to ride her cowboy can be an experience worth a try.

But, unwrapping the flannels can be such a surprise.

Have you not asked what’s behind my mask? You know you have.

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