Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Frolics: Talking the attractions of Uniforms

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November is a special month for me and mine...November 11th, Remembrance Day. Those who have served in the past, and paid the ultimate price, and those who serve no, and still pay the ultimate price, are why there is the freedom to write what we do. To live the way we are able. To love the way we are free to do.

To all that have served, continue to serve, and will serve, and their families/friends...Thank you. We will remember.

Now how does one go from serious to sexy fun? Easy. Life is life and continues in all emotions and elements.

Today Theadora looks at Uniforms and why there's such an attraction to men/women in uniform. From military to the brown-clothed delivery men. Enjoy...comment to share, we love hearing from you.


I never really found uniforms sexy. But I understand why some might. Think it's the mental image we get from something crisp, orderly, perfectly put together that the person wearing it must be in control, know what they're doing. In charge of something...someone. Because uniforms are formfitting they always give the appearance of good shape and where uniforms are the norm we identify them with being strong, muscled, capable of taking care of us and handling us (in every way).

Mentally, I think uniforms can also give us the impression the person cares, is protective and proud of what they're standing for. I can only hazard a guess what a woman in uniform does for a man...pride that she's serving in any form that takes. Sexually, I guess the feeling about her can run the same as with being turned on by a man in uniform...control/controlling, being taken care of/taking care of.

Now, kilts...there's something about those free moving garments that everyone wants to peek under.

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