Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday Frolics: Sexy Food?


My apologies for the delay, even though I'm trying to backdate this simply because I'm a little crazy that way. Family health demanded attention.

The original question for this posting was: Can food be sexy? Is there sexy food? Have you/how can you use this in your writing?  I was thinking this due to the USA's Thanksgiving and didn't want to let Alix Richards' thoughts go to waste, so let's get to it:

Yes, I think food can be sexy. Whether you’re looking at the holidays or just any time throughout the year. As for sexy food? Hmmm…I would have to say those foods that accent the lips are sexy. Like strawberries, chocolate…you know the types that turn the focus onto the mouth. I mean, who doesn’t think lips/mouths are sexy? I certainly think they’re the sexiest part of a person. But that’s just my opinion. As for using food in my writing…no, I haven’t, aside from the stray holiday scenes. Which in part can be sexy if you think about. The couple is surrounded by family/friends and they cannot act upon their desires. They have to be patient and wait. Which is all a part of the fun. I’d use food in a seduction scene. More intimate and private, where the hero feeds the heroine or in the reverse. In some cultures that action is used to show the female that the male can provide from her and future offspring, which in its own way is also sexy. The knowledge that the male who has caught you attention is willing to show he has the ability to care for her and their future together. Kind of make the heart beat faster. Or maybe that’s just me. Lol

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