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Friday Frolics: Military in erotic?

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It's been a week of remembering and honouring and we want to continue the respect due to those who serve...military and civilian. The question that came to my mind it crossing the line to showcase these men and women in our genre, erotic/erotica?

How many times has a delivery man in tight brown shorts been used in a fantasy? How well do Firemen calendars sell? We've talked about the appeal of a person in uniform. But can those who serve fit in our genre?

Let's get to our HOT musers and see what they have to say:

 and her alter-ego LILLIAN RAVENWOOD, HOT author

My first thought when I read this topic was, “Don’t soldiers like to get laid too?”

My companion book to Forging Day is centered around a small military unit. I was nearly finished when I realized it was the first thing I’d written using primarily male points of view. Anyway, I wanted to get a good feel for how a close knit military group would act around each other when they weren’t in front of civilians. I consulted with a few guys at my office who were in the military. I got some really good feedback on demeanor and language (he felt they weren’t swearing enough). Then he shared a story with me that made me go, "Ohhhh my."

All things considered, and with feedback from someone in the military, I’m going to say it doesn’t cross the line (with a disclaimer that it depends on what’s happening in the erotic story. Service men and women enjoying themselves – perfectly fine. Doing the story to insult the military in general, to me would not be okay.)

I recently critiqued a romance story my cousin wrote about Navy Seals. Wonderful writing and an engaging story. The main character was handsome, sexy, and totally professional when it came down to saving the damsel in distress. And passionate when he took her!

I used a whole platoon of Army guys in one of my M/M romances. (They were a rescue team, not an orgy.) I think stories utilizing the fine men and women in uniform who serve don't cross any lines. Soldiers are people with the same needs and desires as the rest of us. Their stories can be just as poignant and relevant to write, and I must say nothing says sexy more to me than a guy with a high and tight haircut in a crisp uniform. The main thing is to write them with respect, just as with any other classification of people. Keep true to the character's beliefs and integrity, and all will be well. And hot!

The way I see it, us boys, regardless if we're in the military or most any other job except for the deity type, enjoy a good romp in the hay. So no, I don't believe we're crossing any taboo lines in our stories to show this type of connection. It's a normal human attraction and need. And I'm referring to us bachelors. I won't comment on men who are married. That's a whole different topic.

I haven't written anything revolving around the military or those who serve, but with out genre, I think the only over the line is when one writes without respect.

A character may be amoral, ruthless, even a killer, but because they wear an uniform the writer isn't necessarily referring to the organization as being amoral or ruthless. That aspect of the character is just that, an aspect.

There are many fantasies surrounding firemen. Does this mean we're crossing the line? I don't think so. To use something as a backdrop is one thing, but to use it as...say...everyone in the group participates in an orgy while a building burns or underfire, that's crossing a line. That's implying those who serve in those areas are careless and irresponsible, far from it.

Is it crossing the line to use anything/anyone military in your genre? Personally, I don't think there is a crossing line when using anything or anyone in the military in my genre. Of course, there are certain lines you don't cross, in anything. In this, I don't believe there is a line. As long as you are staying true to the reality of things/events. Example would be those CSI shows...they took ideas from actual cases in the news/police cases. Yes, they changed names and places and whatnot, but the true premise was there...the crime itself. We all know there is corruption, even if it hasn't leaked yet (yep, I'm one of those that doesn't believe the company line told to everyone, lol). As long as a writer is staying true to the REAL premise behind the person/things in the military, I don't see the harm. Now, remember, I write more toward the fantasy paranormal side of things, so my thoughts run more toward the line of creation of a world and creatures. However, my family has served in the armed forces for too many generations to count.

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