Wednesday, October 7, 2015

She Wants/He Wants: Why is sex scary?

We all want it. We’re pretty sure how, when, where, and why we want it. So how come we’re not talking the same ‘it’?

Forget different planets, it’s all about the male and female minds and fun-bits.  We all have them and they want what they want.


I want a 'together time', an 'alone time just you and me'...but his eyes are glued to the set.

I contemplate unplugging the bloody wire but instead I call up my BFF and we go on and on and on how our men don't appreciate us.

I want an hour or so of cuddling time, hugging time, not 'Honey, did you order the pizza cos the guys are coming over to watch the game.'

I. Just. Want. Some. Together. Time.

Whenever he hears those words he misinterprets them to "It's that time of month, right? You're over emotional."

I want to give up at times...but then I'd have to start all over again and try to break in another beefhead. Maybe I just need a geekhead.


I want to watch the big game…she wants sex.

It’s the night of the big online tournament…she wants to maaake loooove.

It’s three a.m., I might have drank a little more than I should have at the bachelor party…she wants to know if the strippers looked better naked than she does.

I’m working the dayshift, she’s working the nightshift, and I’m heading into a double shift…we need to “connect” because we don’t see enough of each other.

At any point I say…not right now, later, uhm sorry but Mr. Fun’s tired…I’ll be lucky to ever have sex again.

See you next week when once again, we’ll be peeking into…She Wants/He Wants

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