Wednesday, October 14, 2015

She Wants/He Wants: Role Playing?


Isn’t this something I do all the time?

Be “The Man.” Take charge. Woo her. Mind-read-meld with her.

Who am I? A psychic romance Neanderthal?

She wants me to be some fantasy hero. Ooooooo, look at those fireman calendar guys. Yeah, like I can compete with those guys. Hey, I’m a ________ not someone who rushes in trying to save the life of a kitten or baby while everyone else is rushing out. Heck, even those guys probably don’t want to be those guys twenty-four-seven.

Give me a break. Can’t I just be the guy you _______?

Oh, you mean “that” kind of role playing. Little bit of doctor play. Frisk ya with a good ole pat-down. Uhm, could you maybe wear “that” apron a little more…yeah, might get me more interested in helping out.

You don’t mind a Neanderthal…every so often?

Ahhh…yeah…okay, I can do this.


I hate myself at times because I didn't show him who I was from the start. I guess most girls play a role when they first go out with a guy, wanting desperately to be the gal they 'think' we are.

Then I become a bit moody because the role playing of pretend is over with and he thinks I've changed. NOOO! I was just an idiot and didn't argue or talk about things from the start because I really really wanted you to like me first. Not that I'm a bitch but football or golf is not my thing but I role played as an interested party for a while until I couldn't handle it no more. So I haven't changed, buddy, I just never came out to say from the start that I hate watching or spending my weekends watching sports.

Oh, and if you love pretending so much about a third gal being with us in bed during our intimate moments cos that's what gets you hot...I'll buy you a blow-up doll, okay? I can't role play two chicks in bed, sorry.

See you next week when once again, we’ll be peeking into…She Wants/He Wants

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