Wednesday, October 28, 2015

She Wants/He Wants: Dress Up – it ain’t just for kids


But, honey. I love seeing you naked. Just thought you would look so cute and sexy just in an apron.

Noooo, you’re cute and sexy any time.

* * * *

Hey! What the heck is that outfit?


Frisk meeee – watch it. I’m carrying and it’s loaded.

* * * *

Sorry, wasn’t sure which way to put this on. Doesn’t quite cover everything.

Oh, sure – cough, cough.


What do you mean why did I buy this skimpy outfit? You're always telling me how much you'd love to see me dress a bit more slutty in the bedroom. I don't get you.
What? Noooo....honey, no, I don't think you're boring. Where's this coming from? I just bought the outfit on a whim...there's nothing to it.
Look, forget it. I'll toss it in the trash.
You like it? Okay, now I'm confused. Do you want me to wear it or not? Why the sudden change?
Gawd, you men are impossible. I don't understand why you worried that I may think you're trying to change me. I'm the one who bought it. Wait, hold you think I'm boring?

See you next week when once again, we’ll be peeking into…She Wants/He Wants

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